"To saves the Seas"

Together we can save our seas and rivers, join our cause today and be part of the solution.

Our commitment

The oceans are the cradle of life but are seriously endangered by human action. The most serious threat is pollution.

Current environmental efforts and regulations are inadequate to control it alone. Accordingly, new and special efforts are urgently needed to remove this threat and to save the seas; therefore, Believing that protection of the marine environment, the use of the oceans and the exploitation of ocean resources are compatible, providing humanity exercises care, restraint and understanding; and Confirming that the protection of the global environment requires the highest moral commitment which must take precedence over, but is compatible with, trade, commerce and development; our objective is to promote values that support an environmental friendly ethic and discourage activities that are incompatible with the sustainable way of life; Information must be disseminated and environmental consciousness raised through formal and informal education, training and all kinds of networks so that needed environmental actions are as widely understood as possible.